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We offer distinctive value to our customers

Hyundai delivers unique value to its customers by responding effectively to rapid changes in the automobile market. Our customer-centered business strategy focuses on five key areas ‒ Mobility as a Service (MaaS), smart city, energy, robot, and artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, we are expanding our business and strengthening foundations in related areas, including mobility, AI-based autonomous driving, and connected cars. We are also working on providing customers with a unique and distinctive brand experience. These efforts have led to us receiving multiple awards in Korea and overseas for brand communications.


In addition, Hyundai is enhancing customer value and building better customer relations through improved services based on communications. We have established the voice of customer (VOC) and H-Ombudsman channels to listen to customer opinions more effectively. We also conduct customer satisfaction surveys every year so that we can assess and improve our customer management. Moreover, we offer a service system that enables customers, who have purchased our cars, to receive the best post-sales service, with new services being continuously added. We have also implemented strict standards for the protection of customer rights, including the protection of personal information and provision of comprehensive and accurate product information.

Deploying Technologies of the Future

Hyundai responds to the rapidly-changing environment and strives to develop new growth drivers by identifying future sources of revenue through an internal organization dedicated to this task. The value chain in the automotive industry is expanding from development, production, and sales to include such areas as financial leases and vehicle rentals. We are strengthening our ability to respond to such changes in the industry and formulating strategies to expand new businesses. We are also continuing to develop and invest in future technologies, including mobility services, autonomous driving, connected cars and open innovation. These investments are centered on the five core areas of our business ‒ MaaS, smart city, energy, robotics, and AI ‒ and are focused on the goal of delivering new value to our customers.

5 core areas to better respond to the future



We provide smart mobility solutions, helping people truly enjoy the freedom in mobility.

• Smart mobility solution business
Smart city

Smart city

We provide eco-friendly autonomous vehicle-based transportation services, and contribute to creating a human-centered city.

• Robo-taxi business
• Smart ciry business


We plan to provide smart solutions for the production, storage, and management of energy through electrification.

• New business in fuel cell
• New business in energy storage system (ESS)


We engage in the autonomous driving and AI as a Service robotics business which are expected to grow in the future and will serve as a foundation for innovation of automotive logistics.

• Industrial wearable robots
• Service robots


We will not only create services that provide new values but also enhance manufacturing processes by enlarging AI capabilities.

• Autonomous vehicle
• AI Voice Agent
• Core algorithm for mobility service

Hyundai CRADLE & ZER01NE ‒ global innovation bases

Hyundai has been committed to the discovery, investment in and promotion of start-ups since 2000, when we established ‘Venture Plaza’, an organization dedicated to venture investment and new business development. We then expanded our venture business by establishing an innovation base in Silicon Valley in 2011 in order to be an early mover in innovative technology and overseas start-up investments. In 2015, we were selected by the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups to be an operator of the Tech Incubator Program for Startups, a government program to promote start-ups. We launched the Strategic Technology Headquarters in 2017, to look for new growth engines for Hyundai Motor Group, run our new businesses, and promote open innovation by making active use of ideas from outside of the company. Furthermore, following the opening of HYUNDAI CRADLE ‒ Silicon Valley and the ZER01NE in Korea, we opened HYUNDAI CRADLE ‒ Tel Aviv in October 2018 and HYUNDAI CRADLE ‒ Berlin in April 2019. We plan to establish an open innovation center in Beijing by the end of 2019, which will bring our major innovation bases in five global markets. These five major global innovation bases will discover, invest in, and promote promising start-ups, and collaborate with them to ensure our future technological leadership.


bases for open innovation

First in all six categories for four consecutive years in the NCSI

Hyundai became the first automotive company to take top spot for four consecutive years in all categories of the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) ‒ compact passenger car, semi medium passenger car, medium passenger car, semi-large passenger car, large passenger car, and RV. In the RV category, in particular, it was our thirteenth consecutive achievement. The NCSI is a highly-regarded index that undertakes a comprehensive evaluation of customer satisfaction, including levels of customer anticipation, perceived value, and customer loyalty. We received customer recognition for our innovative communications programs and outstanding quality, thus
solidifying our reputation as the No. 1 automotive company in Korea.

The Manufacturer of the Year at the 2018 BBC’s Top Gear Awards

In November 2018, Hyundai was chosen as the Manufacturer of the Year by BBC’s Top Gear magazine, one of the best-known media outlets in the automobile industry, thereby being recognized for our continuing success and growth and a diverse product line-up. The Top Gear is one of Britain’s four major car magazines that published its first issue in 1993, and it provides information on general consumers’ comparative evaluation of new cars versus competitor models, test drives, and vehicle purchase. Our brand composition that we have been steadily building, which ranges from the i30N high-performance model to eco-friendly cars such as the IONIQ and the Kona Electric, received high recognition by Top Gear.

Launched Genesis Gangnam, a stand-alone brand showroom

Hyundai opened ‘Genesis Gangnam’ in January 2018, its first stand-alone showroom for the Genesis brand, offering an in-depth experience of the entire Genesis line-up. Genesis Gangnam is a two-story, 1,293.6 m2 building where visitors are greeted by a process director who provides detailed information on the whole purchase experience. Customers are also given one-on-one help and information by professional curators who offer customized products and test drive experiences in order to deliver the full value of the Genesis brand to our customers.
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