Traffic Safety

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Traffic Safety

Driving Plus

In February 2019, Hyundai launched a virtual driving-related social contribution program aimed at helping inexperienced drivers overcome their fear of driving and develop a sense confidence in their driving. ‘Driving Plus’, developed for drivers who have a fear of driving or find driving difficult, uses a one-ton truck equipped with a mobile simulator to train drivers on how to drive defensively in various traffic situations, and at the same time, introduce them to Hyundai’s safety technologies. Driving Plus brings the truck to drivers or groups who have applied for the program. We plan to provide continuous training to drivers who have been involved traffic accidents to help them overcome their trauma. Through the Driving Plus program, we seek to help novice drivers improve their driving skills and thus prevent traffic accidents as well as help accident-shocked drivers regain their confidence in driving. By doing so, we are spreading a happy driving culture throughout society.

Traffic Safety Campaign with Robocar Poli

We are running a child traffic accident prevention campaign featuring the popular cartoon character Robocar Poli. The traffic safety animation series is aired in 82 countries across the globe. We also run various education programs in which parents and their children together can participate. Traffic Safety Class was participated by about 10,000 people in three cities in Korea in 2018. Our domestic and overseas sales branches have in place Hyundai Poli Traffic Safety Playground (30,000 visitors a year in Korea) and ‘Poli Kids Zone’ (six locations in China and Taiwan). We will continue to improve content and operation methods so that the future leaders of our societies can dream of a safer future with a better awareness of traffic safety.

Traffic Accident Zero for Children

Hyundai is running the Traffic Accident Zero for Children Campaign aimed at preventing traffic accidents while children are route to and from school by providing safer school vehicles. This campaign began in 2016, when Hyundai, the Citizens Coalition for Safety, and a technology cooperation partner together donated to childcare centers with commuter vehicles installed with an array of safety technologies. We are continuing the campaign to reduce traffic accidents involving children on the way to and from school. In 2018, we donated 14 commuter vehicles installed with new safety technologies, including the Sleeping Child Check System, and helped 50 organizations install safety features, achieving the annual goal of making an annual 1 million km of school roads safer (a total of 2 million km from 2016 to 2018).
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