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Support for preserving the Petra World Heritage Site

Petra is an ancient historical site that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. One of ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’, Petra is attracting a keen interest from many people around the world. Together with the local government agency in charge of the site, Hyundai has devised a three-year action plan running through 2020 from 2018, and is implementing it to preserve the Petra region, which attracts around 1 million tourists a year, and to promote the local economy. In 2018, the first year of the plan, we made such improvements to render the site more tourist-friendly by setting up free Wi-Fi service, better sign posts, outdoor ad installations, an information app and map, and a scale model of the site created by 3D printing. In the second year, we plan to develop a tour route using eco-friendly electric buses, and in the third year, promote the economy by developing infrastructure and improve amenities of the local community. We recognize the importance of cultural heritages we hand down to our future generations and will cooperate with all stakeholders to preserve their value.

Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers

‘Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers’ is Korea’s largest youth volunteer group run by Hyundai Motor Group. For over 10 years, some 10,500 college students served in 113 regions in 22 countries1) as members of Happy Move. In Happy Move program, volunteers together have been involved in diverse activities related to construction, the environment, education and culture.

Happy Move was updated to ‘Happy Move 2.0’ in 2018. To go beyond the limit of one-off basis overseas volunteer activities, we have made a list of villages in underdeveloped regions of developing countries, where our volunteers go repeatedly for over three years. Moreover, Happy Move villages can receive support from Hyundai Motor Group’s subsidiaries operating in the respective regions during the period in which no volunteers are dispatched. Happy Move volunteers help local residents become self-reliant. Happy Move adopts a holistic approach to self-development where volunteers attend workshops together with local college students and share ideas on ways to address issues the village and society face.

Hyundai Dream Center

Hyundai operates the Hyundai Dream Center, a vocational program to help young people in developing nations develop technical skills. Hyundai Dream Center is a project that we carry out in cooperation with Plan International
Korea, and a venue through which we provide our advanced automobile maintenance skills to developing countries. The first Hyundai Dream Center was opened in Ghana in 2013, followed by those in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Hyundai Dream Center in the Philippines, opened in 2018, provides technical education to around 90 youths annually. Recently, 78 outstanding students found a job at local Hyundai dealers. We opened our 6th Hyundai Dream Center in Peru in April 2019, accepting 63 local young people (43 male, 20 female) from low-income families having difficulties in finding a quality job, and plan to provide a quality education on various subjects for six semesters totaling three years. Through Hyundai Dream Center, we will support youths in developing nations in honing their talent and skills.

Staff Volunteer Corps

Hyundai supports 131 staff volunteer corps, one for each of its business sites, as a way to promote volunteer activity among employees. Among these corps, of note is the weekday volunteer corps of 970 technical staff at the Ulsan Plant carrying out talent donations for the marginalized. The Asan Plant also organizes a volunteer group comprised of employee wives conducting social contribution activities for senior citizens in the local community. Hyundai employees are giving a helping hand to underprivileged neighbors by planning and executing volunteer activities
that reflect the characteristics of their business site. In 2018, around 17,900 employees participated in the volunteer activities and recorded a combined 59,500 hours. We will continue to engage in activities that leverage employee talents for people who need a helping hand.

H‒Self Sharing Planner

H-Self Sharing Planner program is designed to encourage staff to voluntarily plan and execute their volunteer activities. Volunteer targets and periods were set for previous volunteer activities, making it difficult for employee ideas to be reflected. In contrast, the H-Self Sharing Planner enables self-directed volunteer activities since volunteer activities are based on voluntary planning by staff. In 2018, the creative planning of staff led to volunteer activities on 800 occasions in a total of 10 areas. These included carrying out various leisure activities with local children, such as confectionery, bakery, and art, and volunteer activities that supported elementary school students’ ‘car maker’ hobby activities.

Hope on Wheels

Hyundai Motor America (HMA) has been organizing the Hope on Wheels campaign with Hyundai dealers since 1998. This campaign supports pediatric cancer research and aims for a future where no children will be suffering from cancer. It has expanded across the U.S., with HMA and all of our local dealers participating in the campaign. In 2019, we plan to donate USD 160,000 under the theme, “Minutes are Precious”.

Dream Village Project

Hyundai Motor India (HMI)’s Dream Village project is aimed at improving the village environment in India and helping local residents increase their participations in the economy. In 2018, improvements were made to the environment and infrastructure of the Kattrambakkam Village in India, and support was provided in the area of employment, stock raising, health, and education for a better life of local residents.

Dental Trailer

Hyundai Motor Brazil (HMB) has developed a portable trailer called “Sorriso Cidadang (citizen smile)” and is providing free dental service to the marginalized in the local community, including seniors and children. HMB launched this project in June 2014. In cooperation with the Piracicaba Metalworkers Union, HMB is visiting public schools and social organizations in the Piracicaba region. HMB plans to contribute to improving the health of residents in the local community by continually providing free dental service.
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