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Established on February 2016

Revised on October 2019

Revised on March 2021

  • The shareholder, as an owner of the Company, shall have the following intrinsic rights protected by the relevant legislation such as the Korean Commercial Code:
    • -A right to participate in profit sharing
    • -A right to participate in General Meeting of Shareholders with voting rights
    • -A right to receive information in a timely manner and on a regular basis.
  • The following matters that cause fundamental changes in Company’s existence and shareholder rights shall be decided through General Meeting of Shareholders under the principle of protecting the utmost rights of the shareholders:
    • -Modification of the articles of incorporation
    • -Merger and Acquisition, business transfer, and spin-off
    • -Dissolution
    • -Capital reduction
    • -Comprehensive exchange and transfer of shares, etc..
  • Shareholder’s right(s) must be facilitated to be conveniently exercised under shareholder's discretion. Shareholders shall be provided with sufficient prior information regarding the date, location, and the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

  • Shareholders shall receive one (1) voting right per common share. However, voting right for a certain shareholder may be restricted by statute.
  • The Company shall provide information necessary for a shareholder on a timely, sufficient, and easily understandable basis. In addition, disclosure of information for which the Company has no obligation to shall also be made available to all shareholders equally.
  • The Company shall protect the shareholders from unfair conduct of insider trading and self-dealing.

  • Shareholders shall make every effort to exercise their voting rights for the Company's best interests.
  • Controlling shareholder(s) shall act in the best interest of the Company and all its shareholders and shall put forth efforts not to cause loss to the Company and the other shareholders by conducting activities that contradict the above.
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