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ngineer is checking and repairing the car
engineer is driving up the testing car to check
left side view of the open bonnet testing car
n brand

The high-performance N is being developed through the combined efforts of numerous developers, from the Namyang R&D Center in Korea to the test center in Germany. After first completing the basic groundwork for N with the development know-how of those at Namyang R&D Center, European developers then take the reigns to examine vehicle performance under harsh driving conditions,

and implement high-performance technologies after thoroughly checking their viability.
Then these various technologies are tested and further developed through participation in the WRC, and are once again handed off to the developers at Namyang R&D and in Europe, thus laying the foundation for improving the base level of technology for all production cars at Hyundai Motor.


right side front view of Albert Biermann stands by i30n
Albert Biermann is making a speech
left front view of blue i30n in the showroom
For the creation of the emotional, intense, high-performance N

Our new goal is to develop high performance cars with driving performance that can withstand being pushed to the limit. We will develop technology to create fun, pleasant cars that are not just for a specific subset of people, but appeal to much wider audience. We will disrupt the market with a high-performance vehicle that embodies the fun and enjoyment of driving.

Albert Biermann

Executive vice president
Head of vehicle test and high performance development

left side front view of the open bonnet and drived up i30n in the workshop
Joonhong Park in an interview
Joonhong Park is wearing helmet to test i30n
The developer who leads the developers of the high-performance N

We pay close attention to our engineers' development philosophy. It’s important to work with a clear development philosophy, with the belief that technology born from high-performance N can lead to changes in overall technology at Hyundai Motor. Researchers are not merely working to realize their engineering-related dreams, but they are also creating high-performance vehicles that embody the Modern Premium philosophy that customers value.

Joonhong Park

Head of high performance vehicle development center
Hyundai Motor Namyang R&D Center

front view of Klaus Koster is cleaning the  windshield
Klaus Koster in an interview
left side front view of the open bonnet i30n in the workshop
Coordinator for integrating technology from local European sources

For enthusiasts who love and value high-performance cars, what they want the most is satisfying 'driving dynamics'. If we focus our efforts on driving dynamics and formulate a design DNA that caters to high-performance cars, dynamic driving, and powerful performance, I think we can lead the pack in the global high-performance car market. We need to take high-performance car technology one-step further with driving dynamics.

Klaus Köster

Director of high performance vehicle development
Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center

Let loose from
their day jobs,
they create serious toys
have fun doing it

They volunteer into the
packing 'N' with
passion and pushing
the limits of what’s possible

right front view of Albert Biermann with engineers to check the open bonnet car in the workshop

High Performance N-gineers

many more others

  • It's not about making a limited run of engines that cost a fortune and only a few can experience, but instead we're working hard to develop high-performance engines you'll be able to see everywhere.

    Powertrain Eunho Lee, N-gineer

  • With our experience developing the WRC Rally car, we jumped into full-scale development of high-performance mass-produced vehicles, bringing our view of cars to another level.

    Chassis Engineering Design Jaekil Lee, N-gineer

  • We're designing a lighter, stronger, and safer frame.

    Body Engineering Design Daeseung Kim, N-gineer

  • In the car we’re making now, the developers of high-performance R&H are working hard to create a vehicle that doesn't just do the basics, but also makes driving more fun. It demands the abilities of real conductors.

    Ride & Handling Injin Hwang, N-gineer

  • The performance development division is made up of departments ranging from NVH, to drive, braking, cooling, and aerodynamics, all under one roof. In the high- performance sector, we bring together all kinds of ideas as much as needed. This structure makes communication between different departments easy and helped a lot in the development process.

    Cooling & Aerodynamics Seungryeol Lee, N-gineer

Young researchers from Namyang R&D Take to the track in the Nurburgring 24

the names and nationalities of drivers on the racing car window
young drivers ready to drive the racing car

Young n-gineers from Namyang R&D CenterTake to the track in the Nürburgring 24

a group photo of young researchers and engineers

Young n-gineers from Hyundai Motor participated as drivers on the "Green Hell" known as the Nürburgring without rest in a 24 hour endurance race, to test and verify key elements of Hyundai's high-performance N vehicles. By giving these n-gineers first hand experience in racing, it raised their standards and gave them essential know-how for high-performance N development. Ultimately it serves as a big help towards making a car that is built by real drivers.

Building know-how
for N development
Making a car built
by real drivers

Giving aspiration and motivation to all the young engineers out there who dream of being N-gineers.

a group photo of engineers with a child front of the racing car
front view of pit crews change the tires on the track
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