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A global sales network that is expanding
to every corner of the world

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Hyundai offers a diverse lineup of products with world-class competitiveness to customers in over 200 countries through more than 6,000 dealers and overseas regional sales and production subsidiaries. It is actively pursuing local markets by establishing production bases in key international markets. Hyundai will continue to create and build a more effective R&D, sales, and production network to expand its global market presence.

Hyundai brand value improved in 2017 with models also winning many awards

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Hyundai Motor Company’s unique quality and value

Hyundai Motor Company’s brand image has evolved from “dependable quality” to “the most satisfying brand.” Brand value grew 5% in 2017 to USD 13.2 billion versus 2016, keeping up the ranking No. 35 in Interbrand Best Global Brands 100. Hyundai Motor Company has boosted significantly its brand awareness among customers creating an enhanced profile across the areas of culture, sports, corporate social responsibility. And through its new, high quality products, Hyundai Motor Company has advanced its caring approach to connect with customers around the world.

2017 Interbrand ranking (Automotive)

2017 Interbrand ranking (Automotive)
Brand Brand value
(USD Billion)
+ / - vs 2014 2017 overall
2016 overall
1 TOYOTA 50.3 -6.0% 7 (-2) 5
2 MERCEDES-BENZ 47.8 +10.0% 9 (-) 9
3 BMW 41.5 0% 13 (-2) 11
4 HONDA 22.7 +3.0% 20 (+1) 21
5 FORD 13.6 +5.0% 33 (-) 33
13.2 +5.0% 35 (-) 35
7 AUDI 12.0 +2.0% 38 (-) 38
8 NISSAN 11.5 +4.0% 39 (+4) 43
9 VOLKSWAGEN 11.5 +1.0% 40 (-) 40
10 PORSCHE 10.1 +6.0% 48 (+2) 50
corp management performance gasoline engine winners trophy

Hyundai Motor’s powertrains named in
Ward’s AutoWorld Ten Best Engines list
for third consecutive year

Hyundai Motor’s Elantra Eco 1.4L turbo-charged DOHC 4-cylinder motor made the 2017 Ward’s Ten Best Engines list complied by Ward’s AutoWorld magazine, a world-leading, U.S.-based provider of automotive insights and analyses. This followed winning a listing in 2012 for the development of the 1.6L GDI 4-cylinder motor in the Hyundai Accent sub-compact. Hyundai Motor has been named to this prestigious list seven times. This includes the Tau engine (from 2009 to 2011), the Gamma GDI engine (in 2012), the Fuel Cell Powertrain for the Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell (in 2015), and the Sonata Plug-in Powertrain (in 2016).

Because Hyundai Motor Company wants to satisfy the wishes of every customer, it offers localized models tailored to local lifestyles and needs

  • corp management performance side view navy santafe driving dark sky
    corp management performance side front view tucson street corner

    Santa Fe and Tucson (ix35) reaffirm the popularity of Hyundai Motor Company’s SUVs

    Named SUV of the Year in the U.S., U.K., and Canada in 2013, Santa Fe’s popularity continues with such distinctions as Automotive Lease Guide’s 2014 Residual Value Award in the U.S. Tucson (ix35), loved for quality and affordability, ranked No. 2 in Strategic Vision’s Total Value Index for compact SUVs in 2012, and reconfirmed its reliability in 2013 with high marks in the customer satisfaction survey by U.K.’s leading consumer organization, Which.
  • corp management performance side front view accent driving
    corp management performance side view red veloster outdoor night

    Accent and Veloster show customers always come first

    Accent was awarded the 2014 Residual Value Award by the Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) in the U.S., and also highly praised in J.D. Power’s 2013 Initial Quality Survey (IQS). Known as Solaris in Russia, it won the Annual National Award Car of the Year in 2013. Veloster, which embodies Hyundai Motor Company’s creative imagination, also continued to demonstrate its unique value with such recognitions as AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award for Sporty Cars.
  • corp management performance side front view blue ix20 forest
    corp management performance side front view red i20 driving

    ix20 and i20, made to match European lifestyles

    The versatile and compact MVP ix20 not only ranked at the top in the 2013 Value-for-Money Car Survey by the U.K. consumer group, Which, but also received five-star Euro NCAP ratings in crash tests. With high scores in J.D. Power Asia Pacific’s 2012 India Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) in the premium compact segment, i20 will be born again soon to capture the hearts of European customers one more time.
  • corp management performance side view white i30 night
    corp management performance side front view i40

    i30 and i40, car of the year across Europe

    Named Car of the Year in England, Chile, Scotland, and Australia in 2012 and in Turkey and Australia in 2013, i30 is a popular European model that also earned Euro NCAP’s safety rating and five-star ANCAP safety ratings in Australia. i40 also enjoys increasing popularity in Europe as shown by its title of 2013 Russian Car of the Year Category Winner.

corp management performance side front view i10 driving original

i10, new and still popular

With an upgrade in style, interior space, and economy, the new i10 has been basking in popularity with local customers since its launch. It was named Best City Car by U.K.’s car magazine, What Car?, and Car of the Year: Best City Car by CarBuyer. The same goes for India, where it was named 2014 Automobile of the Year by Car India and Compact Car of the Year at the ND TV Awards.

Hyundai Motor Company’s diverse car models do not cease to impress and win the hearts of satisfied customers

  • corp management performance side front view black equus

    Centennial (Equus), Hyundai Motor Company’s flagship sedan

    With state-of-the-art convenience features, a high performance engine, and premium design, Centennial (Equus) not only received the distinction of Saloon of the Year for 2013 in the Middle East, but also Strategic Vision’s Total Value Awards, Top Safety Pick by America’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and AutoPacific’s 2013 Ideal Vehicle Award.
  • corp management performance side front view silver genesis oceanview

    Genesis, redefining the standard of premium sedans

    Since its North American Car of the Year title in 2009, Genesis has garnered one recognition after another including the top spot in Strategic Vision’s 2013 Total Quality Index (TQI) in the near-luxury car segment, AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, and J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study (IQS). The new Genesis won a German iF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award as soon as it was launched in 2014, raising expectations worldwide once again.
  • Sonata, consistently delivering high quality satisfaction

    Sonata was the No. 1 midsize car in Strategic Vision’s 2013 Total Value Awards that measures the overall value of a vehicle based on customer satisfaction among new car buyers. It was also the No. 1 midsize car in J.D. Power’s 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). The new Sonata is expected to continue the legacy that spans 6 generations.

corp management performance sky view red elantra door opened
corp management performance side front view blue elantra cityview

Elantra (Avante), a best-selling car racing to become a million-seller

Launched in 1990 and now in its fifth generation, Elantra (Avante) is a perennial favorite among customers all over the world. Voted Top Picks 2013 (Best Budget Car) in the U.S. by Consumer Reports and No. 1 Small Car in Strategic Vision’s 2013 Total Value Awards, Elantra (Avante) has demonstrated its success as a best-seller with other awards such as 2012 North American Car of the Year and Canadian Car of the Year.
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